Pyrite Meaning and Properties

Pyrite Meaning and Properties

At Rubys Healing Crystals we have a large assortment of Pyrite crystals, Pyrite is a powerful manifestation stone that can help one to manifest their desires and goals into reality, it has strong protective energies that can help shield the wearer from negative energies and influences.

Pyrite is sometimes called a stone of abundance, as it is known to attract prosperity and wealth. It helps boost self-confidence and self-worth, allowing the wearer to feel more empowered and self-assured. Some believe that pyrite can help stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas and projects.

Pyrite also has grounding and stabilizing energies that can help bring a sense of calm and balance to the wearer. Pyrite is sometimes used in crystal healing practices for its purported ability to aid in physical healing, particularly for the respiratory and digestive systems.

Pyrite has a hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively hard and scratch-resistant.