Live, Feed, and Story Sales Policies

Live sales are normally held on Wednesday at 7 PM EST. Any changes to this schedule will be announced before hand on our Instagram feeds.

When, Where & Communication

We ONLY host Live Sales on @rubyshealingcrystals Story sales are usually offered Monday. Any modifications to this schedule are outlined on our Instagram Feeds. 



Any Instagram account claiming to be Ruby’s Healing Crystals without the name @rubyshealingcrystals is FRAUDULENT and should be reported immediately.

Please Be Courteous

We ask that you have courtesy for us and for your fellow shoppers. Please follow our policies, be polite, and honor how we choose to run our sales. Failure to do so may result in the loss of shopping privileges.

How do I claim/purchase an item?

CLAIMING AN ITEM IS A COMMITMENT TO PURCHASE THAT ITEM.  In order to claim an item, you must comment with the item price AND letter, if any. For example, an item labeled 15E is being sold for $15. To claim that item, comment ”Sold 15E” or “15e” during the Live Sale or on the post during the Feed Sale. Please keep in mind that some items will not have a letter OR a price. Price may verbally be announced if not labeled, in which you can follow the same claiming process to claim. The FIRST person’s comment to come across our screen or to be listed on the feed will get that item. As items are claimed, we will verbally announce who has been awarded each item.

Please note, the timing of what you are seeing on your screen may differ from what we are seeing on our end. Different internet providers may have delays. 

Requesting to see an item or help with choosing an item is not a claim. In these situations, please be courteous of your fellow shoppers. Certain items which are small, available in bulk, or have many options for the same variety will be selected intuitively upon claiming. For example, we will not go through an entire bowl of $5 tumbles. If you claim one we will select intuitively and place it aside. 

Deleting Claims

INTENTIONAL DELETION OF A FEED SALE CLAIM IS NOT PERMITTED. This does not include changing your mind during the selection process or accidentally claiming the wrong item. Please have consideration for others. 

Put-Backs/Exchanges During Live Sales

PUT-BACKS/EXCHANGES ARE NOT PERMITTED. If a sale is not too busy, we may permit you to exchange an item for a different item, ONE TIME PER SHOW. This is entirely at our discretion and can be refused at any time. Please do not abuse this policy and have courtesy for others participating in the live sale.

Live Sale Giveaways/Raffle

Random giveaways occur during the live sale at our discretion. Some live sales may be too busy to hold giveaways. During a giveaway, all participators are asked to type “unblock” in the comments section in order to have the best chance of being seen. We usually have participators guess a predetermined letter (A-Z) or number (1-30). Participators can guess as many times as they like as long as there is 1 GUESS PER COMMENT. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE A PURCHASE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GIVEAWAYS. Every live sale we hold a raffle for anyone who has made a purchase. MAKING A PURCHASE OF ANYTHING FROM OUR LIVE SALE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERS YOU IN THE RAFFLE. At the end of the show, a winner is picked for a free prize. Raffles are never cleared from the basket, so your raffle ticket remains in play until you win. Any winners of a giveaway or raffle will be DM’d after the show. Failure to respond after 5 days will disqualify you from claiming your prize. This does not mean you are banned from purchasing/participating from live sales. 


PLEASE DM US YOUR PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD. We accept PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo, zelle, or credit/debit card. We accept Afterpay for purchases of $50 or more. The same night following the show, we will DM you with a full price breakdown of every item you have claimed. PayPal/Credit/Debit Card users should send their email in order for us to send an invoice. Credit/Debit card users will check out as guest via PayPal where all payment/shipping info can be entered safely and securely. Zelle/Venmo/Cashapp users should send their full name, address, and email. Afterpay users will be invoiced via our Shopify website thru email. PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 24 HOURS, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Venmo: @ruby-johnson-31

Zelle: Ruby Johnson 954-598-5600

Cashapp: $rubyshealingcrystals


ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF INVOICING.  We accept all major credit and debt cards, Paypal, Cashapp, Zelle, and Venmo. We accept Afterpay for purchases of $50 or more. If you are late paying, your package will not be mailed until the next Tuesday. If payment is not received, your items will be re-listed for sale and you will be permanently BANNED from purchasing from our store or participating in live sales.

Everyone has unexpected hardships that arise from time to time. Should this be the case, please contact us to discuss your purchase. In all instances, please only purchase items that you can afford and can pay for on time. Honesty is the best policy. 

Returns or Exchanges

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not accept returns or exchanges for any items. Please understand that there may be differences in appearance due the differences in cameras, video quality, or your screen. 

Non-Payer Policy

We list Non-Payers in our Stories on the 5th day after invoicing and there has been no arrangement made to pay. This is considered a Non-Payer Default. When you claim items in our sales it is a contract to purchase. We agree not to sell the item to someone else and remove it from the sale, and you agree to pay pursuant to our Policies. When you default on that purchase, it is a breach of contract, punishable by law. 

We require everyone to read our Policies prior to purchasing. If you don’t understand them, we specifically instruct you to contact us. By participating in our Live Sales or Feed Sales and claiming an item, you agree to be bound by these Policies. By claiming an item in our Live, Story, or Feed Sales, you agree that if you commit a Non-Payer Default, we have the right to post your IG account in our Instagram and Facebook Stories, share your IG account with non-payer groups, and restrict you from further purchases or claims, and access to view our various social media accounts.